Setup port forwarding easily for hundreds of apps, with Simple Port Forwarding

Simple Port Forwarding is a free tool that uses Web Pages (it does not communicates directly with your router), just as using Firefox, Chrome or any browser to setup port forwarding yourself. The program works by automating the process for you.

It has a large database of known ports for over 670+ games and programs, so finding the port you need is made a little easier. The program will also remember custom applications you put in, so that you won’t have to reenter them.

Features: save your ports list to easily share with friends or family; easily update routers, predefined ports, and languages with a few clicks; connect to the router’s remote web interface and setup port forwarding remotely.

Set your computer’s ip address to static or dhcp with a click; add/remove/view the ports you have forwarded to the windows built-in firewall; test that your port forwarding is working; quick access to the ever growing list of router guides.