Stream the latest movies from hundreds of TV channels, with Readon TV Movie Radio Player

It’s not unusual for free TV players to deliver less than they promise and install several unwanted stuff. This doesn’t seem to was the case with Readon TV Movie Radio Player, a program that streamed reliably from lots of auto updated radio and TV channels, including ShoutCast, SopCast, TVU Channels.

Note that you could use also this program to record TV and radio stations and save as MP3, AVI, etc.

Readon TV Movie Radio Player offered free access to a wealth of genres, such as news, all sorts of movies, jazz, classical music, rock, etc. The program was also able to convert videos to several formats and rip audio CDs.

Plugins extended the functionality of Readon TV Movie Radio Player, letting you find games, adult content, movies, etc. In case you needed that, there was also the option to lock the program for anyone without a password that tried to view adult content. You can download here the latest version, but note that the program is not developed anymore.

Download Readon TV Movie Radio Player