Record web audio streams with Audacity easily without other capturing apps

It’s not unusual when you listen to music on-line, watching a show, interviews, lectures, etc., through your web browser from a radio station, a YouTube channel, anything, to wish you could record this program for later use.

If you open Audacity, and I guess other audio recording apps, and press the Record button most probably you will find out that the program records nothing at all!

Trying to change device from the Windows Control Panel, whether the output or recording device or both, achieves nothing.

Open the Preferences of Audacity and go to the “Devices” menu. At least in my case there was a configuration that worked miracles, so that I could immediately both listen to the audio stream as before and simultaneously record it with Audacity.

Change the “HOST” option to Windows WASAPI. At the “Recording” section under the same “Devices” menu, select the device that you use to listen to the audio stream also from your speakers!, not the Line In option!, and enjoy! Note that this configuration will let you also edit and play audio from inside Audacity as before.