Setup quick reminders, with Easy Timer Alarm Clock

The idea behind Easy Timer is to imitate the simplicity of an old alarm clock, being easy-to-use and offering minimal functionality. Just set in how many minutes or at what exact time it should alert and press activate.

Easy Timer is a free program designed as a quick and easy way for reminders.

Easy Timer will let you change the alarm sound (choose from over 35 pre-installed or use your own), how the clock looks (colors, size), the alarm behavior (alert until deactivated or repeat), optionally add a custom alert message and minimize the timer to the system tray. An analog desktop clock displays all necessary information — current time, alarm time and the progress.

I believe the clock should be smaller, separating completely the settings from itself. As it is now, very few people would choose to have it open, but if it goes to the system tray, then it becomes useless as a clock, and leaves the user waiting blindly for the alarm.