Create installation packages using a Wizard like setup maker, with SSE Setup

SSE Setup is a free and powerful installation maker you can use to distribute your work. The program features a wizard interface that will guide you in the creation of your installer.

In the initial step you are invited to decide if your installer regards a new app version or a fix. Then you define basic parameters such as system architecture, source files, system requirements. You can even sign your installer digitally, and save it as an executable or just a zipped archive, burn or upload it.

The interface of your setup dialogue can be customized in both looks and content (messages, license, etc.) Among the more advanced features of SSE Setup is the ability to make registry changes, associate file types, run programs, etc. It will also let you customize the uninstaller, letting it start programs, make registry changes, etc.

As is normal, to use SSE Setup you need to have some familiarity with making setup packages; beyond this, the program is convenient and fairly simple, surely an installation maker you may like to try and decide if it works for you better than similar programs, even if only for particular projects. No reason why you should use always the same setup] maker!

Download SSE Setup