Create easily powerful setup packages without programming, using Bytessence Install Maker

Bytessence InstallMaker is a free and convenient setup creator, the easiest that I know of. The program is pleasant, easy to use and multilingual (all the components, the installers and uninstallers). It supports smart and easy project management with straight-forward function tabs, without requiring scripting abilities.

Features: Can use path variables for easy access to the user’s PC; Smart checking for requirements (.NET Framework, Operating System version); Run programs/commands; Add/Delete registry keys and values; Create shortcuts and internet links; Copy, move and delete files; Create and remove custom folders;

Associate/Disassociate extensions with programs; Register/Unregister Dll/Activex; Download files from HTTP servers; Kill running tasks; Fully automated uninstaller; Customizable installer user interface, splash screens, executable icon and text color; Optional Standard text and Rich text support for License and Readme files; Computer restart capability for installer/uninstaller.

Some tasks can be simplified even more, but overall it is very easy to use, a great application.