Configure ZTE ZXHN H108N V2.3 Router Port Forwarding for Emule (or other applications)

ZTE ZXHN H108N V2.3 is a router that can be configured easily to let you enhance the performance of eMule or other torrent applications. Here is a list of a few easy steps you should follow regarding eMule. You can guess easily from these steps what you can do to configure other applications too, like torrent clients.

1) In eMule go to Options > Connection > Client Port, and in the “TCP” box write, 14662, in the “UDP” box write 14672. Press the OK button to close the dialogue. That’s it for eMule, you don’t need to do anything else!

2) Open the Admin pages of your router, normally at

3) Go to Application > Port Forwarding. You need to configure this card twice, one for eMule’s TCP port and one for eMule’s UDP port.

4) Check the “Enable” box at the top and give a descriptive name right below, such as eMule-TCP. Select as “Protocol” the TCP.

In “Wan Start Port”, “Wan End Port”, “Lan Host Start Port”, and “Lan Host End Port” write the value we have defined in eMule for TCP, i.e., 14662.

To complete this configuration write in the “Lan Host IP Address” box, the IP Address of your PC, e.g. (You can find this value at LAN > DHCP Server > DHCP Start IP Address.)

Press the “Add” button to save the configuration of the TCP port.

5) Repeat the configuration just like in step 4 above, but giving a different descriptive name, such as eMule-UDP, selecting as protocol the UDP, and giving as port values the eMule’s UDP value (14672). Don’t forget to press the “Add” button when you finish.

That’s it! Enjoy High ID in eMule and other torrent clients!