Add graphical user interface to Robocopy, with WinRobocopy

Microsoft Robocopy is an advanced copy method that builds upon and surpasses xcopy. It supports multithreaded copy, paths above 259 chars, mirror mode, retry automatically on errors, etc. The problem is that Robocopy obeys only command-line orders. WinRobocopy solves this problem.

WinRobocopy is a well made and free utility that will add to Windows Robocopy a graphical interface, making it much easier to be used.

The program includes extensive help to let you understand how Robocopy works and what commands are best for your job. A nice feature is that it saves job settings to let you use them again when your repeat a job.

WinRobocopy lets you also schedule a job to be performed automatically even when you are not on your PC.

Download WinRoboCopy