PowerGUI for Windows PowerShell, a convenient graphical interface, even with addons

PowerGUI is a free and extensible graphical interface that will let you control systems based on Windows PowerShell. PowerGUI lets you take advantage of the great ability of Windows PowerShell in the convenience of a graphical interface.

To use PowerGUI you PowerShell 1.0 or 2.0 (and of course .Net framework).

However, the PowerGUI setup detects your system and suggests additional downloads you may need.

Using PowerGUI you are able to browse the system, locate what you get, select columns, perform actions on selected objects, change their properties, export data to clipboard or even in Excel, xml, or just html reports, and much more. A different tab lets you review the PowerShell code that works behind your GUI actions.

You can also check PowerGUI extensions, downloadable from the community, to find additional features that will make your work even easier.

PowerGUI is a great utility you need to check if you are using the Windows PowerShell.