Enjoy tabbed folders with addons and gestures, using Tablacus Explorer

Tablacus Explorer is a free and portable File Explorer with tabs, featuring the use of addons and gestures.

If you’d like an alternative way to manage your files and folders besides Windows Explorer, just a give Tablacus Explorer a try, after all it is free and it does not even need to be installed. The program will also let you backup your settings in XML files to use them again easily.

Tablacus Explorer is convenient, pleasant and simple, you won’t face any problem at all to use it and you will enjoy its tabbed folders. It remembers last opened folders upon closing and it saves favorites. Its context menu makes use of the current Windows Explorer items (you won’t miss any of your favorite functions) to which it adds a couple of commands for tabbed management when your right click a folder.

Download Tablacus Explorer