Convert EML emails to or from MSG, even import them in MS Outlook, with these free addons

If you work with Microsoft Outlook and you need to convert your messages in the Outlook MSG format from EML, or the opposite, or even import EML and / or MSG emails into Outlook, this collection of free (for personal use) addons will help a lot!

There are four addons, the one converts from EML to MSG, the other one converts from MSG to EML, and the third and fourth import messages directly into Outlook from EML and MSG formats respectively.

Note that conversion are able to keep the hierarchy of your email folders. Just define source and output locations and let the addons work. As you can guess these Outlook addon converters support fully unicode encoding.

If you work in an enterprise environment, a commercial version of these converters lets you use shared folders, etc., otherwise the free features cover your needs. Note that the downloadable archive contains also the free Utility Manager by the same author, that will let you install the addons in MS Outlook.

Download MS Outlook Addon Converters