Control remote desktops, share files, with Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a convenient, fast and safe application that will let you share a remote desktop or control a server over the Internet. You can use this program to provide remote assistance, remote administration or remote teaching. It connects remote computers without any installation or configuration. You can view or control (using your keyboard and mouse) any applications running on the remote computers and transfer files and folders.

Remote desktop access makes it easy to retrieve necessary documents and files from your work PC or activate specific software installed on the office computer. With Ammyy Admin you can arrange on-line presentations or hold virtual classes for distance education. You can host your presentation featuring class materials right in the remote desktops of meeting participants or students in the virtual classroom, communicating with them via real-time voice chat.

You’re able to establish access to a remote machine from any PC that is connected to the Internet, no matter if it has real IP address or is behind NAT in Local Area Network. This option provides opportunity to access remote office or home PC from all over the world keeping up with high level of data transfer security.

The free version is allowed only for home use and is limited to 15 hours per month per computer, with a number of simultaneous 2/1 outgoing/incoming connections.

Download Ammyy Admin