Microsoft Launcher app for Android smartphones, elegant, powerful and convenient

First thing I do when I change my phone is to install Microsoft Launcher, an app that lets me customize my phone extensively and give it more power. Pictures published over there at Microsoft are not just to the program! MS Launcher is able to give to a phone far better aesthetics than what appears in those photos. Perhaps Microsoft wanted to stay somehow close to the default Android environment, but you can digress a lot, with the Launcher’s transparency options.

As you would expect from any launcher, Microsoft Launcher lets you have information you are interested in on a single feed page, sticky notes and to do lists, calendar (using Outlook, or your default calendar app), search options, a nice app drawer, folders, wallpapers (even daily changes using Bing wallpapers), themes and icons, course Cortana, and more.

Since the launcher comes from Microsoft you will find also syncing options with your PC and the Cloud, even making it easy to continue viewing photos or documents on your PC — provided that you have a Microsoft account (most probably you already have one for your PC). Unfortunately the app won’t include an option that makes the interface similar with Windows Mobile. Even if you are somehow satisfied with your default launcher on your phone, give Microsoft Launcher a try and see if it makes your life better.

Download Microsoft Launcher