The most convenient Start Menu ever!

Favorite Launcher is another program I can’t live without! Of course, the Windows Start menu is supposed to cover all our needs for opening what we’d like to open, but it doesn’t! What’s the reason of this?

The Start menu is convenient to open even this seldom used app, but when it comes to every day use is not the best tool available. It contains everything, all installed programs, while you work usually with only a portion of them, and it doesn’t contain folders.

Here is where Favorite Launcher shows up and becomes my favorite Start Menu!

Favorite Launcher lets me easily add whatever programs, folders, files, drives and system settings such as computer management to use them by just pressing a shortcut key. A different shortcut key is able to paste folder addresses to a program’s request for an address when I’m going to save a file!

Favorite Launcher appears wherever the mouse cursor happens to be, it is customized exactly as I want it and extremely convenient, which is the reason I’m using it every day for years!