Manage startup programs in older Windows with Starter

Starter is a free and powerful startup manager for Windows; it will let you view and manage all the programs that start automatically whenever you load Windows, enumerating all hidden registry entries, startup folders’ items and some of the initialization files; then you can choose to temporarily or permanently disable selected entries, edit them (move them to different startup levels — in the registry, etc), create new entries, or delete some entries permanently.

A secondary purpose of Starter is to list all the running processes to let you view extended process information (such as used DLLs, memory usage, thread count, priorities etc.), and to terminate selected processes (even a Windows NT service, if you have proper access rights).

The program includes a Windows services (and drivers) manager with some advanced features.

Starter is very easy to use and supports many languages. Powerful, portable and reliable, it deserves each and every star of its rating, being a program you will enjoy very much, if you want to gain more control over startup options.