Find, mark and delete, even automatically, duplicates with Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a free program you can use to locate fast any duplicate file anywhere in your drive(s). It searches for duplicate comparing contents of files and not only file names.

After the program finishes you can see a list of duplicates in groups along with an option to automatically mark the older copy of your duplicates. Advanced options can be used to exclude particular extensions, or files under or over a certain size, or according to dates and names. You can also avoid auto marking for particular folders.

Fast Duplicate File Finder can delete duplicates to the Recycle Bin or to any folder you like, or even permanently. Of course the program can search also removable media.

If you need to do some other work when Fast Duplicate File Finder searches for duplicates, it lets you change is process priority and run only when the PC is idle. Another nice feature is that it respects system files and folders and it won’t cause problems to your PC.

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  1. Allan Cass says:

    Very nice tool! 10x