Batch remove cover art embedded in MP3 tags, using MP3Tag

You may have placed this nice cover in your MP3 folder only to find out that your player won’t use it, because it prefers cover art that is already embedded in each and every audio file as a tag!

You can use a Tag Editor to remove these covers from your audio files, and MP3Tag is a free and powerful tag editor, that lets you also perform this task. If you click a file in MP3Tag you can then right click at the bottom left corner of the program, at the cover art box, to remove or change a cover. But what can you do to remove cover art from hundreds or thousands of files?

MP3Tag features a menu called “Actions”. Go there or press Alt+6. Then define a new action, name it “Remove Covers” or with any name you like, then from your new action click again the “New” button to add a step; select the “Remove fields” type, and in the textbox that appears (called “Fields to remove”), write PICTURE. The “Picture” field holds cover art; removing it will remove all cover art from all files that are loaded and selected in MP3Tag.

Press OK and run your new action. Seat back and relax as the program removes cover art. Last time I removed cover art from 9000 files, MP3Tag needed about 10 minutes to finish. Enjoy!