Find duplicate pictures with VisiPics

VisiPics is free and efficient in helping you locate duplicate pictures. If you have lots of pictures, it’s not impossible that duplicate exist and are many. VisiPics used 5 comparison filters to calculate resemblances that may prove (it’s not always certain) for some images to be the duplicate of others.

Note that Visipics defines as duplicate images that differ only on size or file format, or even if they differ after some editing that introduced insignificant changes.

VisiPics presents and duplicates found along with their file names, size, etc., offering an option for them to be automatically selected, in case, for example, you prefer to delete images of lower resolution, or keep the lower and discard higher resolutions, etc.

If automatic mode is useless for you, there is always the option of selecting manually what you’d like to keep or discard. False positives are always possible, but you can skip them and clean your image collection by deleting unwanted duplicates.