Locate duplicate files to delete, copy, move or rename them, with AllDup

AllDup is a free program that helps you to discover easily all those duplicate files you have on your disks. It provides several filters / criteria you can use, such as size and name, byte comparison, etc.

Sometimes you know better what you don’t want to find than what you do, and AllDup provides options you can use to exclude items from your search, whole folders or just some file types.

A part of the job is to find duplicates, another part is what to select and how to handle it. AllDup gives options that facilitate automatic selection, yet you do need to check this selection and fine tune it. When you are sure you have selected the right duplicate files, AllDup lets you delete, move, copy, rename anything you like. Other than that, you can configure and save profiles in case you need the same search regularly, etc.

Download AllDup