Download Stick, to create desktop notes and more

Stick is a free utility with screen tabs, customizable tab windows that stick to the edge of your screen. You can collapse and expand these tabs to hide and reveal their contents. The tabs themselves are customizable, allowing you to set things like the color, font, transparency and more.

You can store customization settings as individual templates and apply them to one or more tabs at a time allowing for a sort of color classification system. The basic Stick install comes with two built-in tab types: Explorer and Note tabs.

Explorer tabs emulate Microsoft’s File Explorer and Internet Explorer giving you quick access to the web and to your own file system from within a tab. The file explorer has full drag/drop support so you can, for all intents and purposes, use it just as you would a real file explorer window. The web browser is based on Internet Explorer technology and therefore compatible with whatever websites are compatible with Internet Explorer.

Note tabs contain a rich text or plain text editor. By default, a note tab is associated with a file on disk that Stick creates, but you can associate it with any existing text or rich text file. These tabs are a way to jot down notes without having to open up or find a text editor.

Other plugins include calendar tabs, rss tabs, calculator tabs and a taskbar.

Note that the Stick project is not supported anymore.

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