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Download Socializer! to share easily your web pages

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Socializer! is an absolutely free, attractive and  convenient service that will let your web pages be shared even simultaneously on top social networks, including Facebook, Reddit and Twitter… Visitors of your pages will also have the chance to recommend them by eMail and with Google Plus, get shortened url versions, translate them to their own language…

* This page presents the WordPress plugin for Socializer! If your site is based on some other platform, such as asp, non-Wordpress php, simple html, etc., please check the Javascript Edition — which you can use even on WordPress, if you need to place the sharing buttons on rather unusual locations. This site, for example, uses both the WordPress plugin and the JavaScript edition.

* You can also use Socializer! on your browser as a visitor, to let yourself share easily with your friends and colleagues any site you want; just get the Bookmarklet for any browser, or extensions for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

*   *   *

Socializer! for WordPress will save you a lot of bandwidth along with the patience of your visitors, since it loads just a nice image (no lengthy scripts at all) letting your visitors enjoy your web site, keeping your pages fast and your code clean. Especially if your blog is busy, you will appreciate this very much!

Note also that Socializer! is self-dependent, it will not make any changes at all to your database.

When a user clicks on the Socializer! button, a clean and pleasant Sharing Panel opens in a new window with options to add your posts to more than 30 (top only) bookmarking and social sites, eMail them to a friend, recommend them with Google plus, translate them to a different language…

Check the FQA section for a list of the social sites currently supported, or, even better, share this very post to see a live demo of the Socializer! Sharing Panel and functionality.

Install and configure the plugin

Unzip the archive and upload the “socializer” folder inside the plugins folder of your blog, or use the auto-setup from inside your WordPress blog. Socializer! is absolutely self-dependent; it won’t change anything in your database.

Both the content and the sidebar button (widget) are configured from the Socializer! page at the Settings section of your blog.

You have options to choose what to share — posts or pages, or both posts and pages, place the sharing button at the top or bottom of your content, or in both locations, change with css styles its position, etc, even replace it with a custom button of yours, if you think some other image might prove more attractive for your visitors.

The widget will let you share each and every page of your blog, and it can be placed wherever a widget can appear according to your theme. You can customize it with css styles, or change the button completely with one of yours.

Socializer! works perfectly with WordPress multisite MS / MU installations too. You can activate it globally, for all the sites of your network, or just install it on the main (network admin) site, leave it deactivated there, and activate it on (any number of) individual sites in your network.

Check the FQA for answers to questions you may have. Use the form on the same page to make suggestions (feature requests).

Cf. Incorporating Socializer! to web scripts and software, creating manual share-links

Socializer! is, and always will remain, absolutely free.

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