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Download MS TweakUI, to stop new windows from stealing focus

Do you like to work, let’s say, in Word, suddenly to have another window popping up, stealing your focus? If not, you can download this program and try to stop the interruption.

Microsoft’s free TweakUI for Windows XP adjusts several parameters; it will not only prevent applications from stealing focus, but it also will help you control the appearance of shortcuts, the size of explorer thumbnails, places bar items, applications that should never appear in the start menu’s “Most Frequently Used Programs”, Control Panel items, Right click New documents, Auto Logon at system startup, repair explorer icons when they display the wrong icon for a program, and much more…

To prevent windows from stealing focus TweakUI changes a registry setting. You can do this by yourself, if you go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop – in the right panel change the ForegroundLockTimeout DWORD value to 30d40 (Base option Hexadecimal).

However, neither Microsoft’s TweakUI nor a personal change to the registry seem to fix the problem permanently or globally.

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