Close multiple programs and windows with SmartClose

SmartClose is a free program for Windows 7 or earlier that will let you automate the process of closing your programs. It can also save the state of the system, so that all closed programs are easily restarted when you need to.

SmartClose closes all running programsautomatically, disables the screen saver and halts all other processes that can interrupt a job. Before SmartClose closes or disables anything, it saves the current state into a ‘system snapshot’, that can later be used to have all your programs back and running.

If a program refuses to close, SmartClose terminates it! If you don’t want for a program to close, you may add it to a list of ‘Protected Programs’.

SmartClose can also close Explorer and Internet Explorer windows and save their current location, so they can be restored later. It stops and restarts Windows services, such as the Task Scheduler, that can interrupt other processes.