Open at once multiple files, URLs, programs and folders, even at startup, with Instant File Opener

Instant File Opener is a light, free and safe application you can use if you need to open several files, folders and programs simultaneously. If you use to work with several documents, you will find this program very convenient.

Instant File Opener will let you create one or more lists with several items, including even web pages. You can even choose their state (minimized, maximized, etc.) A shortcut you can place anywhere you like lets you open a particular list easily. You can also choose not to open everything if you prefer to start with a menu that lets you select what to open.

The program can run a list upon startup, open particular web sites with a particular browser, open web pages in tabbed more or even on new browser instances, use command line arguments, use admin privileges. A nice feature is that the program can create visual basic scripts (vbs) to have your lists in a portable format you can use elsewhere, on USB sticks, etc.

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