Add tabs to any program or add multiple programs to tabs, with TidyTabs

If you enjoy tabs in your browser, why shouldn’t you enjoy them in other programs too — in Windows Explorer, in your text processors, in image editors that won’t support tabs natively?

TidyTabs will put any application into a tab. It can create groups of tabs of the same app or of different apps. Note though that the free version can create only groups of 3 tabs each, if you need more tabs in a group, you have to get the commercial version of the program.

I nice feature of the program is that it lets you customize the appearance of tabs, auto-hide them, preview the content of each tab before you switch, even define exceptions, applications you don’t want ever to be included in tabs and tab groups.

The limit of the free version to group only three windows may make this version useless or not that useful, otherwise get it and enjoy tabs in any app you want.

Download TidyTabs