Simultaneously close some programs and open others with a keyboard shortcut or a single click

Whenever I needed to use MS Office, I had to close some other program, which meant moving the mouse to the system tray, right-clicking on its icon and selecting the Exit option. I’m a keyboard type and I like speed, so that all of this mouse move, especially when required each and every day, is not attractive. With the solution that I gave to this problem, I closed that program and then I opened a specific Word document plus another program that I needed — with just one click or a shortcut key. There are two ways to achieve this.

The First Way: 1) Configure CloseApp to close one or more programs; this will create one or more shortcuts to CloseApp, with the necessary parameters to close your program(s); 2) Download Kana Launcher, a little tool that is able to run a group of programs and/or open a group of documents. 3) Configure Kana Launcher to run simultaneously the CloseApp shortcuts – which will close the program(s) you need to have closed-, and also the program(s) and/or document(s) you need to open. With Kana Launcher all of this close-and-run will be available as just an icon in a popup menu or as just a shortcut key.

The Second Way (for advanced users):

1) Configure CloseApp to close one or more programs, just like in the first way above, and then create a batch file that will close and restart your program(s). If you place a shortcut to your batch file in the StartMenu, you can assing also a shortcut key to run it with the keyboard.