Shortcuts to open, handle and close the Windows Magnifier

The Windows Magnifier is great, letting you enlarge parts of the screen you can define yourself, or even the whole screen. It can also be used with keyboard shortcuts, which is the easiest way. When you need some magnification for any reason, just press Win+= (The Windows Flag key along with the = key), or Win and the Plus (+) key at the NumPad. These combinations will also increase magnification levels.

To decrease magnification press Win+ (The Windows Flag key along with the dash key) or Win and the minus key at the NumPad.

To close the magnifier press the Win key along with Esc — but note this: first time you open the magnifier its close shortcut (Win+Esc) may not work! This is a shame, especially when you are not going to use this tool more than once; in this case the close shortcut is just useless.

Here is what you can do to close the magnifier easily, without hunting its main window with the mouse: just use the normal alt+tab switch or any similar switch, to locate and give focus to the magnifier’s main window, and then use the alt+f4 hotkey to close it! Enjoy!