Make GIF animations with 20 effects, using Beneton Movie GIF

Beneton Movie GIF is a free tool you can use to create or edit animated GIF files.

Beneton Movie GIF is created to make your life difficult. Even importing some images to start working on your animation is a tedious task. It’s a shame, because the program provides a lot of nice features. On the other hand, you might like its methods more than I do. Since it is free you have nothing to lose if you try and see by yourself.

I must confess that I was so frustrated with the totally unnecessary difficulty of the program, that I didn’t proceed to finish my animation. Therefore I can’t tell you about the quality of the final result, etc., keep using gratefully Microsoft Gif Animator

Features: Supports 48 file formats such as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and AVI; Multiple frames selecting; Drag and drop frames for a quick editing; 20 different effects, divided in 2 big categories: normal and animated; Supports individual frame properties: delay and transparent for each frame; Save and load a batch of frames (frame1. bmp, frame2. bmp, etc.); A complete built-in image editor with many tools (pencil, shapes, airbrush, alpha brush, fill, selection, text); A preview window that previews individual frames or the animation with options such as zoom, loop, etc.