Morph images, retouch, scan, apply more than 100 effects, even capture the screen, with PaintStar

PaintStar is a free image editing program, versatile and efficient, if you need to retouch your photographs, create new images, even capture your screen. It supports alpha, layer, path , and the most common editing techniques.

Unfortunately the program, in my opinion, has inconvenient interface. It opens a lot of windows all around for its tools, windows you cannot gather and incorporate in a single one, being impossible even to drag them with the mouse wherever! However, you can get it (a very small download) and try it for yourself, in case its concept works for you.

Features: Paintbrush, pencil, eraser, airbrush, filter brush, color retouching, blur/sharpening, smudge, and cloning. Customizable brushes, textures, gradients, and 26 methods of combining modes * Rotate, scale, shear, perspective, flip, and wrap. Auto antialias * Image Morphing * Gradient Fill tools include linear, radial, square, conical (symmetric), conical (asymmetric) and shape-burst.

Multiple colors supported * Selection tools including rectangular, elliptical, free, fuzzy and paths. Add, subtract, invert, antialias and feather selections * Alpha channel (transparency) supported * Displays EXIF information. * TWAIN for scanners and digital cameras * MultipleLayers, 26 methods of combining modes * Multiple Paths. You can add, delete, insert point to the curve and adjust point in the curve like vector drawing programs * More than 100 Filters/Effects. Application of 3×3 filters * Screen capture.

Download PaintStar