Fix or crop ASF WMV videos with AsfBinWin GUI for Asfbin

Asfbin is a free (for personal use) program that will let you fix damaged ASF / WMV files and perform some common tasks on them, such as cutting parts.

Features: fixing damaged and/or unseekable files * cutting fragments out * joining files or selected fragments into one video file * single frame accuracy and loseless processing * video preview with stream selection * DMO and VCM codecs support * creating loops * removing selected streams * editing scripts and markers * optimizing packet size to reduce file size * logging actions into a specified file

Asfbin works without recompressing the file. On user demand, only a couple of the first samples may be recompressed to give absolute precision in cutting. Therefore the resulting video quality remains equal with the original.

AsfbinWin is a Windows counterpart of the AsfBin command line utility, providing the same level of functionality as Asfbin, but in the convenience of a graphical interface.