Make realistic 3D animations even with Bean shell scripting, using Art of Illusion

Art of Illusion is a free program that will let you make animations in .mov format or as a sequence of frames you can join using some other software.

Source files must contain 3D objects, some form of global illumination, and at least one camera. Complex scenes can have several objects and lights. 3D objects are primitives, spline meshes, triangle meshes and tubes. Art of Illusion provides texture editors and materials.

Animation follows key framing with support for skeletons using forward and inverse kinematic. Textures themselves can be animated. A raster engine or a ray tracer makes photo realistic images. The program supports also blur, field depth, global Illumination and caustic effects.

Art of Illusion provides also Bean shell scripting, making possible the creation of new objects and tools.

Note that you must have the Java Environment to use Art of Illusion.