Create GIF animations configuring frame delay and loop options, with AnimateGif

If you need to create animated gifs, instead of flash etc., you can try AnimateGif, a free and light utility. The interface of AnimateGif is simple and easy to understand. It supports PNG and JPG/JPEG, features a Quality selector, Multiple file dropper, Custom frame delay, and Loop options.

Note that you must place the images in the order you want them to appear, starting from what you want first in your sequence, because AnimateGif won’t let you change the order from inside the program!

Another problem of AnimateGif is that it does not include a preview option. You have to first save your animation and then open it with your image viewer to see how it runs.

Problems become even more serious, since AnimateGif will have a dot at the right bottom corner of your animation, and it won’t save properly the transparency of the images! This all means that if you need something better try the free Microsoft Gif Animator.