Download Kana Launcher, to open groups of programs and documents

Kana Launcher is a Windows freeware that can be used to launch your favorite programs or documents.

Kana launcher is able to use drag and drop, right click menu or Windows Explorer to manage the icons and menus. It recognizes any type of file; you can put a shortcut, documents, or other files into Kana Launcher’s data folder. The menu can pop up anywhere on desktop. Unlimited icons and popup menus (including sub menus) can be created. Integrated system popup menu to easily access Windows settings. Can assign system wide hotkey for menu or icon; the shortcut does not need to be placed on desktop, or Start menu. Support of different configuration files, so that it can be used to create different sets of icons.

For a simpler and powerful solution, you may like to use the free Favorite Launcher

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