Open multiple documents in MS Word with a single click

To open two or more documents in Word with a single click, you can create an empty txt file (e.g. openmydocs.txt). Open it and write the path to Word and the path to your documents in sequence and with spaces in between, such as:

C:\WINWORD.EXE C:\Mydoc1.doc C:\Mydoc2.doc

Save this file, close it and change its extension from “txt” to “bat” (e.g. openmydocs.bat). Next time you open this BAT (batch) file, Word will load immediately both of your documents. If you want to use long names, be sure to enclose all paths in quotes. Here is a real, working, example:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16\WINWORD.EXE" "C:\My Documents\Study\Learning MS Office.doc" "C:\My Documents\Study\Learning Adobe Photoshop.doc"

In the same way you should be able to open simultaneously not only Word documents, but even images or web pages.

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