MS Word shortcut to close the Navigation Pane

If you open the Navigation Pane, e.g. with Ctrl+F in order to search for something in your documents, sometimes you cannot close it using the Esc key and you need to grab the mouse in order to aim this little x at the right top corner.

You can avoid this by pressing (one after another, not all together) alt, then w, then k. This sequence of keys will let you also open the Navigation Pane — it is a ‘toggle’ key. Other useful Navigation Pane shortcuts include:

F6 / Shift+F6 — When the Navigation Pane is open, to switch forward / backwards between (1) Navigation Pane, (2) Bottom Taskbar, (3) Ribbon, and (4) Document

Tab / Shift+Tab — In the Navigation Pane, to move through the pane’s options

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