Run programs, documens, open web sites, insert text with Shortcut Keys, using Clavier Plus

Clavier Plus is a free utility that lets you assign keyboard shortcuts to your common tasks such as running programs, opening web sites or inserting special characters or any text in documents, text boxes, etc. Windows already provides ways to use your PC using keyboard shortcuts but in so many occasions you don’t have the chance to customize these shortcuts or it’s not convenient.

With Clavier Plus you can have all your shortcut keys gathered in the same app to review and modify them easily. Of course, if you are a mouse or tap person you don’t need Clavier Plus, but if you work usually with the keyboard you will appreciate it.

The program’s interface is nothing to be excited but it is simple and you won’t have any problems using it. Note that the program won’t work for games. Note also that the program is not made to hold passwords or other sensitive information. From time to time don’t neglect to copy your list of shortcut keys as a backup, in case something goes wrong and you lose your shortcuts.

Download Clavier Plus