Reopen accidentally closed windows instantly, with GoneIn60s

GoneIn60s is a tiny tool able to recover closed applications. If you open too many windows and work in a hurry you may close applications by accident, and then you have to restart them.

You can avoid this trouble by using GoneIn60s, the name of which means that a closed application will be available for 60 seconds in the state that it was before you closed it.

GoneIn60’s stops Windows from closing an application when you press quit, exit, the little X at the corner, etc, and puts it on a list, where it remains available for 60 seconds to be recovered.

GoneIn60s doesn’t need to be installed; download and run. A tray icon appears and monitors what you close. Right click this icon to see the application you just closed accidentally and recover it.

You can change the time an application is saved, and also define certain applications that you want to be excluded.