Find CD Cover images even from tags, with Album Art Downloader

Album Art Downloader is a free utility that will let you find and update album art for a music collection. Album Art Downloader uses several sources for the pictures, and more can be defined by plugins.

Features: Dynamically resizeable thumbnails; Thumbnail information; Sort by Name, Size or Source; Filter results under or over a specified size, or by maximum results for each source; Local files search that matches save pattern;

Analyse files to find Artists and Albums from tags, and check if album art is already present; Analyse folder and file names to find Artist and Album names based on a path pattern, and check for album art.; Read foobar2000 media library or playlists to find Artists and Albums, and check for album art. And more.

Album Art Downloader sometimes stalls; it may also bring a lot of irrelevant results.