Create static or animated cursors with smooth edges, using RealWorld Cursor Editor

RealWorld Cursor Editor is a free program that will help you create cursors with smooth edges and animation. It offers two ways to convert images to static or animated cursors. Prepared image can be converted using a wizard accessible from the main application screen. If an image needs to be modified before conversion, it can be opened in a built-in raster image editor.

The image in a static or animated cursor can be modified using drawing tools (Pencil, Line, Curve, Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Flood fill, Text, Projected Shadow and more) or by filters. Smooth image masks can be used. The raster editor can run filters (Sharpen, Soften, Bevel, Motion Blur, Drop Shadow, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Transparency, Rotate, and custom filters) on the entire image or on selected area.

Frames in animated cursors can be moved or copied using mouse or clipboard in an intuitive manner. Appending one animation to another is a matter of few seconds. The animated cursor editor allows running filters on all selected frames at once. Setting frame duration is as easy as clicking on a frame, typing a number, and pressing Enter. Alternatively, duration of multiple frames can be changed at once using the Frame Duration panel.