Shut down, Restart, Log off using desktop shortcuts, with Show Stopper

Karen’s Show Stopper is a free utility that will let you create easily shortcut icons to quickly Shutdown, Power Off, Reboot, Log Off, Suspend or Hibernate your PC.

You can also run the program as a small icon in the Windows System Tray, and shutdown Windows by right-clicking on this icon. You can also use command line options to specify the type of shutdown (Force, etc).

Option included to specify one or more tasks, e.g. defrag, backup, to run automatically just before the computer is shutdown, powered off, etc. Note that Shutdown, Restart and Logoff can be executed even by Windows own graphical interface, with the command:  Shutdown.exe -i

Check Windows Rule, a most convenient freeware, without the need to use your desktop and providing also options for the “Metro” Start screen. Check Rapid Close if you want to close anything open and then Shutdown or Restart your computer.

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