Organize folders by grouping files into sub-folders automatically, with Alternate Archiver

Nothing can replace a careful consideration and placement of each file into a folder along with relevant files, however sometimes a rough categorization can be enough, in which case it can also be achieved automatically with programs such as the free and portable Alternate Archiver.

Alternate Archiver organizes automatically your files according to their type, which means you can have it put you audio files, pdf documents, images, etc., automatically in their own sub-folders. The program can also rename, split / merge, and “touch” your files (change time attributes), email them, shred (safely delete them), edit MP3 tags.

A nice extra feature is synchronization. You can configure Alternate Archiver to keep two folders synchronized in case you nees some files backed up or for any reason be stored in two folders.

Alternate Archiver comes in a simple and easy to use but not that modern interface. It’s a program you are going to find efficient in case that you need this automatic creation of sub-folders for storing files of different types.

Download Alternate Archiver