Download Startup Control Panel, to manage auto running programs

Startup Control Panel is a small and free utility that will let you add, remove, enable, disable, relocate programs that run when Windows starts. StartUp Control will create a new applet in the Windows Control Panel, which you can use to add or remove programs in the StartUp folders of Windows. It will let you control not only common or user startup folders, but also the similar startup locations in the registry. You can combine StartUp Control Panel with StartUp Monitor, a tool that Monitors whenever a program registers itself to the startup folders without asking you.


New… – create a new entry. You can also drag & drop files from My Computer or Explorer.
Edit… – edit an existing entry.
Delete – delete the currently selected entry.
Disable / Enable – disable or enable the selected entry. A disabled program will appear in the list with a special icon, and will not run at system startup. You can also use the checkbox next to an item to enable or disable it.
Run Now – executes the program now.
Send To – moves the entry from the current location to another, e.g. from HKLM run to Startup User.

Startup Control Panel is not working well on Windows 7 or Vista, but you can use similar freeware, such as Starter or WhatInStartup.

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