Save or transfer easily your Chrome bookmarks to another Chrome installation

If you just setup a new machine and you need to add to Chrome the bookmarks of your previous installation, or if you have a second PC and try to update Chrome’s bookmarks with those you have on your other PC, don’t be disappointed, the update is easy.

First of all, Chrome provides import and export options through its Bookmarks Manager. This means, if both of your installations are active, you can export your bookmarks from the one, save them in a USB drive and then import them using the Import option in the Bookmarks Manager of your other Chrome installation.

Even if your source installation is not active, you can still get Chrome bookmarks easily, provided you can browse the folders of your old system.

The location where Chrome stores its bookmarks is at \Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\ When you are in that “Default” folder, locate the file named “Bookmarks” (without extension). Copy this Bookmarks file and paste it in the similar folder of your current Chrome installation. You need to restart Chrome, if it is open, for the change to take effect. Enjoy!