Let your mobile device become a PC microphone, with WO Mic

Even as an idea it sounds nice that you can use your Android mobile or iPhone as a PC microphone; after all we are full of devices, peripherals, accessories, wires, if some of them can perform more tasks letting us use less of the rest, who can object?

WO Mic is a free mobile app and a Windows utility (virtual microphone client) that will let you use your mobile as a wireless or wired (via USB) microphone in your PC.

Installation and configuration is easy. After that you will enjoy in any program of yours that needs a microphone, such as Skype, a quality of 48000Hz sample rate, which is more than CD quality and certainly more than what our ears can perceive. It’s not stereo of course.

If you lost your mic or you don’t want to get one, this nice free program can help.

Download WO Mic