Create Comic Book Zip, CBZ, files, even customizing the images, with CBZ Maker Tool

CBZ Maker Tool is a free program that will let you make a CBZ file, i.e., a comic book zip archive, using your JPG, PNG or BMP images, even making some simple edits, such as changing dimensions or cropping.

The program is not what we can call modern and exciting, but it is simple, pleasant and convenient. You don’t need a library of documentation to use it, since all of its functions are obvious.

When you open CBZ Maker you encounter just some menus and icons along with a space that is going to display the list of your images, letting you edit, preview and compile you comic archive. No need to say of course that you can use the same procedure to create a photo album, or whatever book made of just images.

Note that CBZ Maker can browse your folders to let you import pictures recursively, but it won’t let you drag and drop them.

Download CBZ Maker Tool