Transfer WordPress sites to new servers fast and safely

The purpose of this guide is to offer some help for an easy, fast and safe transfer of your WordPress blog(s) to a different server, keeping the same domain(s). I make such transfers pretty often, always hoping that now I found the perfect host…

Make a strong coffee and take your time, having this page open in a tab or even better in a separate window of your browser while you transfer your blog. Even if you spend time on breaks to clear your mind, you won’t need more than three hours for a safe and cautious transfer of a blog.

— Two important notes before anything else

a) If you are going to move more than one blog, start from the blog you care less, so that any mistake you might make will leave you wiser without having even a small or temporary impact to your most important projects.

b) Make sure you have FTP access to your new server. The usual FTP address of your domain points now to your old provider, but the new provider should have given you an alternative way to access your web space using FTP even before you change DNS configuration.