Record video from webcam, capture devices or screen, even with text captions, with Debut

Debut is a video recorder that lets you capture video using a webcam or any capture device. It can also record almost anything that can be played or displayed on the computer screen. The program saves the video on your hard drive as AVI, WMV or other file types.

You can use this program to produce your own videos with captions and effects from your webcam or other video input device directly to your computer. Create “how to” instructional and training videos by capturing screen movements and audio. Capture video presentations such as internal company meetings or announcements for archiving. Record video memos and email to staff or colleagues. Capture instant snapshots from your favorite home videos to save them as JPG files.

Supported formats: .avi, .wmv, .flv, .asf .mpg, .3gp, .mp4, .mov

Snap-shot saving feature. Text caption and timestamp features. Ability to adjust resolution and framerate of the output video. Color settings and video effects for the output video can be changed. Lets you record for set specified durations (h: mm: ss). When recording period is over, you can either stop recording or create a new recording and continue. Mirror recordings to a network or backup drive. Can be set to automatically send video via email once the recording is completed. Can automatically transmit video files via the internet using FTP. Find and play recordings ordered by name, date, format or size. Ability to burn directly to DVD with Express Burn Plus. System wide hot-key assignment to control recording while working in other programs. Compatible with BroadCam Streaming Video server.