Add Windows Media Player context menu entries in Explorer folders

You may have noticed that the context menu of Windows Explorer in some folders offers two entries for Windows Media Player, “Add to Windows Media Player list” and “Play with Windows Media Player”; other folders may miss these convenient entries although they contain audio files.

You can solve this problem easily by selecting the root folder(s) of your audio collection, right clicking on them and going to their Properties. At the “Customize” tab define them as folders of “music”. Check the option to include also sub-folders in this customization, and you will have in all those folders the two WMP context menu entries.

The process is surprisingly fast. I have a huge collection of music (more than 2 TB) and my folders became “musical” in no time. Note that nothing will change inside these folders. If you were viewing your files in list mode, or in details mode, etc., will remain exactly as before.

Even more: each folder you paste or create in your collection inherits this property, therefore including these wmp context entries without you having to customize it manually.