Tampermonkey script to change letter spacing on paragraphs of a web page

Tampermonkey scripts can be so useful!, if only we knew how to write them! It seems like the program is written for coders only, but fortunately lots of scripts circulate and can be used by anyone.

Here is a script by made to fight against this nasty habit of a web page to publish its main content with too large letter spacing making reading a rather painful experience.

You can use the letter spacing script if you face the same problem with a page’s content, but not only for that. You can examine it to see how we use Tampermonkey scripts to define and modify the paragraphs of a web page, to apply a different style.

You can also use it to see how we refer to a style to change it. Perhaps you are not interested in letter spacing but you need to change font size or font family, etc. You can use this script as a starting point to arrive to a solution of your own problem. Just don’t forget from inside Tampermonkey to define the web page you want the script to be applied.

Download Tampermonkey Letter Spacing script