Have the Windows 7 jump lists automatically repaired, with Belvedere

You may have noticed that after a while some jump lists, especially the Windows Explorer jump lists, become corrupted, so that you can’t access anymore your lists of recent folders and files in the taskbar icons of Windows Explorer and in the Start Menu.

We saw how this can be fixed, but it remains annoying, having to fix it again and again. There is a way you can even prevent the problem from occuring or at least repair the jump lists automatically, and never, ever, again having to go through this fix procedure.

To have your jump lists automatically repaired you need a freeware called Belvedere and the ini file I created and publish below. Put this ini file in Belvedere’s folder before you start the program even once (otherwise you’ll have to replace the ini file Belvedere itself creates upon starting for the first time). This file gives to Belvedere all the information that it needs, to monitor the two problematic Windows folders, and automatically remove any file larger than 500 KB, put it on your Desktop. For safety reasons I wouldn’t recommend to have these files deleted immediately, since you can see them at your Desktop and delete them easily yourself.

Before you put the ini file inside the Belvedere folder, change “YourUserName” to the name of your own Windows account. For your convenience I have in bold all those instances you need to edit:

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